The use of watermarks to the photos is an ideal hack to prevent anyone from using or sharing the pictures on the internet without your consent. This may be the best way to protect your images with all the right reasons. The experts can even remove watermarks by using some great techniques. But despite this fact, there are numerous simpler ways and tricks to apply the watermarks that would give a tough time to the Photoshoppers. Ranging from sophisticated to simple, you’ll get a few of the unique procedures for applying a watermark to a picture. The Simple & Quick Way You (as an owner of the photographs) need to use the text tool through any photo-editing software to copyright the images. The very first step is to tag it with any name that you want in the photo. One can plaster it over the entire picture, include it on the right bottom side and write in the small font. This attempt would be sufficient if you want to prove yourself the only owner of the images. Web Tools The tools available online can help you better in this regard. Such tools offer various types of watermarking options i.e. tiled, image or text. If you want to place the logo or other images anywhere over the original one, then you can go for image watermarks. Comparatively, the text watermark is simple to add by selecting the font size, color, and style of your choice. Watermark Software on Desktop The watermarking desktop tools offer plenty of features that you might miss in a mobile app. Selection of a paid version would be more helpful than the free one. Make sure that the options available on your chosen software are user-friendly. Otherwise, you’ll have to deal with some challenges while using that program. Some Quick and Useful Tips It is recommended to keep your images obtrusive and clean as possible if you’re all set to apply a watermark. Always invest in any tool or program after a thorough search. It lets you brands your content as your own by adding a layer of security so that the images won’t be shared anywhere. The best area to add watermark is at the center of the image. However, try to mention/tag the name in transparent color by using small font size which keeps the photo fully visible. Our site is also offering the easiest yet effective ways to add watermarks on all types of images. This platform is ideal to avoid getting your photographs plagiarized from any source.