How should a photographer sign their art? Well, the answer is simple like its solution. The photographers can’t add their signatures on every image (they own). That’s why the only way left is to use a watermark to stop your visual content from getting stolen. In the old times, the organizations and publications had always used print stamps on the backside of images to mention their sources. They even had to use embossed stamps or seals for a similar purpose. Nowadays, it is not rocket science to steal photographs from the internet and making claims to own them as well. People are like, “Woah! This is a gorgeous photograph. Right Click. Save to the phone.” Unfortunately, no one can take any action against those people. Even newbie photographers don’t feel any reluctance in promoting their work by copying the art of others. So, the point is that watermarking is important to cope with such situations. It allows you to prevent people from making such unacceptable attempts and wasting your efforts in the result. Your content can now be secured due to a digital watermark. Let’s have a look at some great benefits of applying watermarks on your photos. 1. It might help others to find your work and you by making it simply identifiable. It’s just a way to sign your work and own it. 2. It simply gives you exposure. The viewers will know about you because of the mentioned name on the image. 3. It provides a golden opportunity to get the work. Once the clients read your name on the photo, they’ll show ample interest in hiring you after admiring your art. 4. It protects your work by eliminating all the chances of getting copied. You can live with peace of mind after spending a little more time in applying watermarks. And, your work is protected now. If you think that the watermarks can be removed, then you need to learn some genius tricks for it. There are some amazing ways to apply watermarks, so that any editing to remove the existing watermark would result in affecting the image’s quality. And, there are also various ways to watermark your photos except traditional-style name written on the picture. You can go for the image and tiles watermark styles to make the photos look better than before. You can’t just take the watermarks for-granted. It is the only genuine way to showcase your work and for self-branding as well.