Website Visitors

Watermarks like most website operators will usually collects non-personal-identifying information (NPI) such as the browser type, preferred language, referring site, time and date of visitor request typical of most web browsers and servers usually provide.

Water-marks will only collect non-personally-identifying information to allow us have clearer understanding on visitors to Watermarks use its website. Periodically, Watermarks may release non-personally-identifying information in totality for the purpose of report and analysis of the trends and of the use of its website.

Watermarks may also collect potentially-personally-identifying (PPI) information such as (IP) addresses its website users. It is imperative to understand that Watermarks only discloses users and commenter’s IP addresses in similar ways it uses and reveals personally-identifying information as stated below.

Collating Personally-Identifying Information

Visitors to Watermarks website who chooses to interact with Watermarks in manners that require or compel Watermarks to obtain personally-identifying information.

A visitor who signs up to use Watermarks website shall provide an authentic e-mail address.

A web user in transactions with Watermarks seeking to purchase a paid plan will be required to provide additional personal and financial information to complete the transactions.

In the above cases, requests for such information only essential and suitable to complete the purpose of the visitor’s intent and interaction with Watermarks.

Note that Watermarks does not disclose personally-identifying information except as described below.

A visitor may choose not to supply personally-identifying information with an understanding that it may hamper or prevent him/her from performing certain activities in the website.

Aggregated Statistics

Watermarks may ask for and collect statistics concerning the activities of the visitor to its website. Watermarks may, for instance, observe the usage sequences to different plans. This is necessary to monitor and weigh the performance of the service. Watermarks may publicly display or disclose this information to others. Otherwise, Watermarks will not reveal personally-identifying information safe for as expressed below.

Safeguarding of Certain Personally-Identifying Information

Watermarks reveals potentially personally-Identifying and Personally-Identifying information to just only its employees, Watermarks contractors, and affiliated organizations that may:

(a) Need such information for operational procedures basically on behalf of Watermarks to enhance delivery of Watermark services on its website, and (b) Have consented to not revealing it others.

Save to say that some of such Watermarks employees, Watermarks contractors, and their affiliated organizations may operate outside your home country; and by using Watermarks’ websites you agree to the transfer of such information to them under no guise will Watermarks reveal/disclose, rent or sell potentially personally-identifying and personally-identifying information to other parties. Safe for its employees, contractors, and affiliated organizations as expressed above, Watermarks will reveal potentially personally-identifying and personally-identifying information ONLY in response to a subpoena, court order governmental demand, and or when Watermarks is convinced in good faith that any such revelation will not jeopardize the security right of such visitor and/or when Watermarks is reasonably convinced that such revelation is necessary to protect the property or rights of Watermarks, third parties or the public in general. may possibly send occasional you an email if you are a registered user provided you have provided your email address. This occasional email is to inform you about new features, solicit your Facebook, or just to keep you abreast of Watermarks performances.

Watermarks mainly share this type of information by using our blog; hence we keep this type of email in moderated level.

When you make a request through our support email or our feedback platform, technically we reserve the right to publish it respond and process your request and to help other users. Watermarks ensure that adequate and responsible precautions are taken to forestall unauthorized access, alteration, use, or destruction of potential personally-identifying and personally-identifying information.


Cookies are those strings of information which are stored on visitors’ computer or devices by the browser and those that are provided by the visitors’ browsers made available to the website whenever the visitors return to the website. Watermarks make use of cookies to be able to identify and track visitors to its website, their level of usage of Watermarks website, and website access preferences. It is advisable that any intending visitor to Watermarks website who doesn’t want cookies on their browser to configure their browser to block cookies before visiting Watermarks website. In this case, such visitor should expect some drawback where some features of Watermarks website may fail to function well.

Transfer of Business to a third party

In case of business transfer to a third party in an unlikeness situation of where Watermarks or a great deal of its assets were acquired by or sold to a third party, or an instance where Watermarks completely goes out of business, users information would be transferred to the third party and treated as part of the assets acquired by the third party. You accept and acknowledge that such information transference may happen, and that the new acquirer of the operations and assets of Watermarks may continue to use your personal information as expressed in this policy.

Privacy Policy Changes

Though some changes may occur in the privacy Policy, but most changes are likely to be slight, the Private Policy of Watermarks may periodically change, and this will be at Watermarks total discretion. Therefore, Watermarks enjoin visitors to its website to constantly check its Privacy Policy for updates or changes. If you continue to use Watermarks after any noticeable change, it will mean your consenting to and total acceptance of such change.