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    1. Your Responsibility as an Account Holder. Using Watermarks’ website to place watermarks (of any kind; text, phrases, logo etc.) on your materials of any form (photos, images or any material), or perform edit a photo/image or other “content”, you are solely accountable for the content of, and any damage that may result from that content.
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    1. refuse, reject, or remove Content reasonably considered or opinioned to violates Watermarks policy, or injurious, or questionable,
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    3. Payment Agreement: Watermarks has a paid-plan on its website. If you opt for a paid plan, you are under agreement to pay Watermarks the stipulated amount specified for your chosen plan.
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    6. Termination For reasons including but definitely not limited to injurious or harmful operations on its website, acts and/or omission capable to cause breaches to security rights of other users or third party , acts or omission that considered that can harm Watermarks operations can lead to immediate termination with or without notice as the case may be. On the other hand, if you want to terminate your part of the agreement, all you need do is to discontinue operating your Watermarks account if you have one. All provisions of this Agreement that needs to survive termination remain survived as stipulated in this Agreement.
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    8. Limitation of Liability Watermarks or its suppliers or licensors , will in under no event be liable to any subject matter as pertains agreement under any contract, strict liability, negligence, or other legal or theory for (a) any special, consequential, or special damages (b) the cost for replacement of products or services (c) for interruption, loss or corruption of data or (d) for any amount more or in excess of the fee you paid to Watermarks in total reference to this agreement during twelve (12) month period preceding the cause of action. Watermarks will not be responsible for, or take responsibility of any form of liability for any form of failure or delay due to issues beyond their responsibility or control,
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